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automotive service centre - Lane Cove
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How we operate

H.G. Motors carry out all scheduled servicing to the car manufacturer’s recommendations, often exceeding this benchmark. We use and recommend Caltex Oils and lubricants, Penrite Oils which not only meet but exceed the manufacturer’s requirements.

At H.G. Motors we are independent auto service specialists and will service and repair your prestige vehicle at an affordable price without jeopardizing the long term value of your vehicle.

Extended Servicing Intervals

In recent times servicing intervals have increased from 5000kms up to 25000kms. While the introduction of fully synthetic engine oils and their refinement over recent years is remarkable it is our opinion that distances of 20000klms plus is far too long between oil changes. We have seen evidence of this already with oil levels extremely low prior to a service interval, causing increased sludging and excessive wear in engines. We thus advise 6 months or 5000kms oil services to maintain and protect your vehicle.

Bear in mind, the vehicle will be out of warranty by the time any major problems develop from lack of oil changes!

No Nasty Surprises

The number one complaint we have heard from motorists about having their vehicle serviced or repaired is invoice amounts they weren't expecting. At H.G. Motors we will always give you an estimate of the cost of your service or repairs when you leave your vehicle with us. If during the service or repair we discover additional work is required we will always contact you to advise you of the additional work and cost involved and get your permission before proceeding.

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